The Most Comprehensive Guide to Xamarin Test Cloud

This screen is very useful to get a brief idea when you want to get a report on how your application is doing on different devices and OS versions. In this mobile DevOps tutorial, we will discuss how to use Xamarin Test Cloud and the analytics after running an application on different sets of devices. From Visual Studio, when you have Xamarin installed, you can just right-click the test project and select the ‘Run in Test Cloud’ option. Make sure that you got the ipa/apk file for your iOS/Android app.

All the operations were performed in Xamarin Studio, but all of them are also possible to do in Visual Studio. You do not have to add any additional references in your code to make it run.

Development Dependencies ( :

Testers can simply write the test script once and can run on same scripts to against various devices. Conclusively, you can understand that Xamarin Test Cloud assesses their mobile applications across a large number of devices which are available in the market. In crucial decision-making processes, there is sometimes a requirement of detailed and accurate test results which are related to the mobile application’s release and promotions. Xamarin Test Cloud simplifies the generation of detailed test reports.

What is the purpose of the Xamarin test cloud

Add a test project to your solution by right-clicking your solution, go to ‘Add’ and choose ‘New Project…’. In the ‘Add New Project’ screen go to the ‘Test’ category. For this sample, I have used a Xamarin.Forms app, using XAML. There isn’t actually any difference when writing tests for the traditional Xamarin apps, besides from how to select controls.

Submit Your Tests to Xamarin Test Cloud

When you try and compare two options, it all comes down to different factors that create an impact in the long run. React Native has been given tough competition to the Xamarin framework in the past few years. That is why more and more companies are shifting their focus to React Native due to the larger community and developer support. You can also use the third-party controls as they can provide additional support for Xamarin.Forms developers.

What is the purpose of the Xamarin test cloud

The mobile apps developed in Xamarin can consume larger sizes than native ones. You can mitigate the apps that have a large extent where you need to optimize the code requirements. Calabash is a framework that enables developers to write their tests in Ruby, using the Cucumber tool. These tests are very close to behavior-driven development methodology. The big advantage of using this framework is the ability to write the tests in a business language.


But when you think about it; the number of devices and power that you get for this money is enormous. You cannot buy all those configurations yourself and find the time to run all the tests on them manually. Today, Test Cloud is located in a warehouse in Denmark and has over 2,000 different devices, while still adding about a 100 each month.

What is the purpose of the Xamarin test cloud

You can sort by useful properties such as the estimated wait time. This time refers to the time that your test is queued in Test Cloud, in other words; how long do you generally have to wait before it is your turn. Because these are physical devices, there is a limit of how many tests can be running at one time. After choosing a platform, a screen will show up where you can select the devices that are to be included in the tests. At the upper-right corner, you will also notice the ‘New Test Run’ button.


You should see a page that lists the apps previously created. Set the app name, the operating system, and the platform used to build the app. In App Center, click on the “Add new” button and select “Add new app.” After this, you’ll see a new section to set the app properties.

  • These screenshots can be of great value when not observing the test while it is running.
  • Components Tests —this is the type of test that verifies if components are working properly.
  • Automate the lifecycle of your iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps.
  • Next, you can select which devices you want to run the tests on.
  • We have to make sure that all important flow is working.
  • This is a great feature for compiling images needed for the app stores.

You can click on each of these steps in the left pane and analyze the screenshots taken to see exactly what went on during the test. xamarin test cloud ios This is a great way to see exactly what went wrong when the test failed. It gives us some steps of the test run on the device.

What is Xamarin Test Cloud?

With Xamarin Test Cloud, you can test your mobile apps on a variety of different devices and take advantage of detailed reports. Frameworks mentioned above are to test the mobile app functionality but they do not interact with the app directly. There is one more component required to run these tests – Xamarin Test Cloud Agent. With Xamarin Test Cloud you can test mobile applications and see reports at the end. Before any UITests can be written, the Xamarin.Forms application user interface must be scriptable.

How Practicing TCR (Test && Commit Revert) Reduces Batch Size –

How Practicing TCR (Test && Commit Revert) Reduces Batch Size.

Posted: Mon, 20 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

In the screenshot below, you see charts that show the number of tests and devices passed, as well as the list of test cases executed. You also see some more general information about your execution in the top right. Be sure you’ve completed the steps in the preceding sections first. You need to have an account already created in order to connect with your env successfully. Now you will have both apps created as seen in the screen below. If you want to create an Android app, repeat steps 3 to 5 using the Android properties instead of iOS.

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Automated testing can be integrated into Team Foundation Server and other continuous integrations systems like Jenkins and TeamCity. Xamarin Test Cloud integrates with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server to natively automate testing of mobile apps across thousands of devices and OSes. This is really significant because it allows to you build five-star applications.

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